ISBN: 0345457889
Year of publication: 2004
Sequence of author: Destiny's children(№2)


Stephen Baxter

Space science fiction

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Exultant by Stephen Baxter To Gregory Benford PART ONE In the past we humans, struggling to comprehend our place in the universe, imagined gods, and venerated them. But now we have looked across the width of the universe, and from its beginning to its end. And we know there are no gods. We are the creators of the future. And the only entities worthy of our veneration are our own descendants, who, thanks to our selfless striving, will occupy the gods’ empty thrones. But we have a Galaxy to win first. — The Doctrines of Hama Druz (5408 C.E.; Year Zero of the Third Expansion of Mankind) Chapter 1 Far ahead, bathed in the light of the Galaxy’s center, the nightfighters were rising. From his station, Pirius could see their black forms peeling off the walls of their Sugar Lump carriers. They spread graceful wings, so black they looked as if they had been cut out of the glowing background of the Core....

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