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Turned on virgin
Turned on virgin

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Turned on virgin

Ted Leonard

Erotic, Sex

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Ted Leonard Turned on virgin CHAPTER ONE Pretty Cindy Simpson was secretly enjoying thrills in her sweet young cunt as she moved smoothly across the crowded, sun-drenched beach in her new bikini. At eighteen, she knew a lot of little tricks to give herself pleasure – crossing her legs in school to squeeze her hot cunt-lips together, rubbing her pussy against table corners at every opportunity, horseback riding to pound her hot crotch against the saddle – she'd learned them all as she blossomed into a saucy, sexy, thrill-seeking beauty. And now, feeling warm and sensual and erotic, the same dainty steps across the hot sand that made her cute ass wiggle enticingly also made her firm white thighs squeeze and massage her moist young cunt. Cindy could feel her pussy lips rubbing together, wetter now than they were only moments earlier, and another thrill shot through her belly. Stepping lightly across the sand, she heaved a sigh of regret because...

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