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Three-way nurse
Three-way nurse

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Three-way nurse

Donna Allen

Erotic, Sex

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Donna Allen Three-way nurse CHAPTER ONE With her white uniform pushed up around her waist and the cheeks of her ass perched on the edge of the desk, Nurse Christie Cannon opened her thighs and exposed her cunt to Harvey Adams. Harvey was the pharmacist at the Park Ridge Hospital. He was a soft-spoken guy, a bachelor in his forties, and everyone who worked at the hospital liked him. He always flirted a little with Christie, in that mild way of his, and she never thought anything of it. Until this morning. Right after she started her shift, Harvey approached her and announced he'd give both his arms and legs for the opportunity to lick her pussy. That special feeling of a man's mouth on her cunt was something Christie always relished. It was never so completely satisfying as a good, hard cock in there, but it had a special meaning all its own. It proved to her beyond any doubt that the man craved to please her. Christie liked to be pleased. ...

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