A Stone in Heaven
A Stone in Heaven

ISBN: 0441786561
Year of publication: 1979
Sequence of author: Dominic flandry(№12)

A Stone in Heaven

Poul Anderson

Space science fiction

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A Stone in Heaven by Poul Anderson I Through time beyond knowing, the Kulembarach clan had ranged those lands which reach south of Lake Roan and east of the Kiiong River. The Forebear was said to have brought her family up from the Ringdales while the Ice was still withdrawing beyond the Guardian Mountains. Her descendants were there on the territory she took when traders from West-Oversea brought in the arts of ironworking and writing. They were old in possession when the first Seekers of Wisdom arose, and no few of them joined the College as generations passed. They were many and powerful when the long-slumbering fires in Mount Gungnor awoke again, and the Golden Tide flowed forth to enrich this whole country, and the clans together established the Lords of the Volcano. They were foremost in welcoming arid dealing with the strangers from the stars. But about that time, the Ice began returning, and now the folk of Kulembarach were in as ill a plight...