The Oblong Box
The Oblong Box


The Oblong Box

Edgar Allan Poe

Classical prose

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The Oblong Box by Edgar Allan Poe Some years ago, I engaged passage from Charleston , S. C, to the city of New York , in the fine packet-ship " Independence ," Captain Hardy. We were to sail on the fifteenth of the month (June), weather permitting; and on the fourteenth, I went on board to arrange some matters in my stateroom. I found that we were to have a great many passengers, including a more than usual number of ladies. On the list were several of my acquaintances, and among other names, I was rejoiced to see that of Mr. Cornelius Wyatt, a young artist, for whom I entertained feelings of warm friendship. He had been with me a fellow-student at C—— University, where we were very much together. He had the ordinary temperament of genius, and was a compound of misanthropy, sensibility, and enthusiasm. To these qualities he united the warmest and truest heart which ever beat in a human bosom.

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