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Hard up wife
Hard up wife

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Hard up wife

Donna Allen

Erotic, Sex

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Donna Allen Hard up wife CHAPTER ONE "You'll be late for work," she said. Leona Crawford lay on her back on her bed with her legs hooked over her husband's shoulders and her body shaking each time he pumped his cock into her battered pussy. Fucking at eight o'clock in the morning was a bore. Bob was a sweet guy and she loved him very much, but whenever he got up in the morning with a hard-on, he felt obligated to pulverize her pussy with it. The truth was that she never got much out of it, morning, noon, or night, not in all the two years of their marriage. Leona had resolved herself to the fact that she was simply one of those women who got nothing out of fucking. She had orgasms, but she always brought them on herself, sometimes in the bathtub, sometimes while sitting on the toilet, and sometimes on the bed when Bob was not at home. She had always enjoyed jerking off, ever since the first time as a child, and she knew that without it she'd...

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