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Daughters in heat
Daughters in heat

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Daughters in heat

Ted Leonard

Erotic, Sex

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Ted Leonard Daughters in heat CHAPTER ONE Pretty Karen Farmer and her older sister Lisa were sitting on the patio in their bikinis, away from their parents, who were inside watching TV. "I feel sexy sitting like this," Karen cooed, letting her thighs part a little more than usual. "Me, too," her sister said. Karen sighed and her jutting young boobs threatened to spill out of her bikini top. "The sun's making me awful warm between the legs," she said. Lisa giggled and glanced at her kid sister's little crotch. "That ain't the sun," she said. "It's your horny little cunt." "Mmmmm," Karen moaned in agreement. "I wish Mom and Dad would hurry up and go out. My clit's as stiff as a little prick." "I'm hot, too," Lisa admitted. She raised her arms to the top of the beach chair she was sitting in and peered down at how the movement made her luscious tits rise up. She liked her high, pointed boobs a lot. Karen crossed one thigh over the...

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