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Hot neighborly wife
Hot neighborly wife

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Hot neighborly wife

David Crane

Erotic, Sex

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David Crane Hot neighborly wife CHAPTER ONE After Carl Tremayne left for work, his wife, Elizabeth, poured herself another cup of coffee and lingered over it restlessly, wondering what to do during the day. Elizabeth was thirty years old and looked younger. She had curly auburn hair and brown eyes flecked with glints of gold. Her mouth was wide and full lipped and sensual – Carl often teased her by saying that she had a cocksucker's mouth, but Elizabeth didn't mind. In fact, she took it as a compliment, because she loved to suck cock. She was still wearing her silk dressing gown as she sipped the hot coffee. The gown was semi-transparent and revealed and enhanced her curvaceous charms, more than it covered them. Her tits were large and full, capped by big, stiff nipples. Her hips were full and her ass was shaped like a teardrop. She had long, smooth legs and a slender waist. Her cunt mound was a luxuriant wedge of tightly curled pubic hair, rising...

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