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Aunties incest urge
Auntie_s incest urge

Sequence of author: Diary novel(№332)

Auntie_s incest urge

Donna Allen

Erotic, Sex

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Donna Allen Auntie_s incest urge CHAPTER ONE "I want that hot little pussy!" Martha Dawson froze in her tracks. The voice belonged to Frank Burton, her brother-in-law, but she had no idea where it was coming from. She was in the attic of the old house she and her sister had recently inherited. The musty attic was cluttered with cartons of junk and piles of old magazines and newspapers. It occurred to her now that there must be grates connecting the attic with the bedrooms below it. She heard Frank's voice again and she followed it until she came to a grate almost totally covered by a large carton. She shivered as she realized the grate would give her a view into the bedroom Frank and her sister Claire were using while they all stayed in the house. She felt guilty about spying on them, but she also felt an intense curiosity. The language which Frank had used was shocking. Martha had always been a little jealous of Claire. Claire was...

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