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Naughty young neighbor girl
Naughty young neighbor girl

Sequence of author: Diary novel(№333)

Naughty young neighbor girl

Donna Allen

Erotic, Sex

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Donna Allen Naughty young neighbor girl CHAPTER ONE "Suck it, honey!" Linda Bradley trembled as she peered through a crack in the high wooden fence that surrounded the Dawson back yard. She hadn't meant to spy on Mr. and Mrs. Dawson. Frank and Marcia Dawson and their three teenage boys had just moved into the house a few weeks before. Linda had gone over to be friendly. She hadn't expected a treat like this. She hadn't expected to see Marcia Dawson stretched out on a chaise lounge and Frank bending over to suck her pussy! Linda was blonde and slender and had a golden-blonde tan. She looked the picture of health in mind and body. She looked clean and well-fed, like an all-American girl from an all American family. Her face was young and soft and she looked as innocent as a virgin princess. She was not a princess and she was certainly not a virgin. Four of her boyfriends in high school had fucked her, and she had discouraged the fifth only...