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Donna Allen
Naughty young neighbor girl


"Suck it, honey!"

Linda Bradley trembled as she peered through a crack in the high wooden fence that surrounded the Dawson back yard. She hadn't meant to spy on Mr. and Mrs. Dawson.

Frank and Marcia Dawson and their three teenage boys had just moved into the house a few weeks before. Linda had gone over to be friendly. She hadn't expected a treat like this. She hadn't expected to see Marcia Dawson stretched out on a chaise lounge and Frank bending over to suck her pussy!

Linda was blonde and slender and had a golden-blonde tan. She looked the picture of health in mind and body. She looked clean and well-fed, like an all-American girl from an all American family.

Her face was young and soft and she looked as innocent as a virgin princess. She was not a princess and she was certainly not a virgin. Four of her boyfriends in high school had fucked her, and she had discouraged the fifth only because the first four had been too boring. She was a little shy about it, but she was obsessed with sex. Her mind was continually filled with images of sucking and fucking. She masturbated all day long whenever she had the chance. Her young pussy seemed to be constantly swollen and dripping.

It didn't help to have to live with a spinster aunt while her parents were traveling. It didn't help at all.

Now Linda's eyes were fixed on the wild scene in the Dawson back yard. The Dawsons both still had their clothes on. Marcia's knees were pulled up and Frank had his head between her thighs. Linda could see everything.

Marcia's dress was bunched up around her waist. Linda could see how Frank's mouth was plastered on Marcia's cunt.

"Oh, that's good!" Marcia moaned. "Suck it, honey! Suck it!"

Her face was contorted with pleasure. Frank lapped Marcia's thick pink cunt lips up and down. He probed his tongue into her brimming cunt hole.

"Oh, God, I love it!" Marcia moaned again.

Linda was filed with excitement. She unbuttoned the top of her jeans so that she could get her hand inside and down to her pussy. She had never in her life seen people fucking.

None of the boys who had fucked her had gone down on her. She knew all about cunt sucking from some of her friends who'd had it done to them, and she knew she would love it when it happened. Now that she was watching it, the idea of it turned her on more than ever before.

She shivered as she watched Frank Dawson gluttonously suck his wife's pussy. She crouched there behind the wooden fence, one hand digging into her jeans to finger her cunt lips and the other hand holding on to the fence to keep her balance.

She could hear the sexy sounds of sucking. Marcia had her legs spread wide, her hairy wet cunt mashed against her husband's face.

"Oh, honey, that's good!" Marcia moaned. "You suck me so good, baby!"

Linda was envious. It must be heaven to be eaten like that!

Now Marcia pulled her knees farther apart 'till her legs were spread as wide as they would go. Frank raised his mouth up from her wet crotch. His face was covered with cunt juice.

Linda could see the glistening pink groove of Marcia's cunt. Marcia's thick hairy cunt lips were dripping wet. Frank ran his hands down Marcia's thighs and cupped the globes of her ass. Marcia looked down at her husband's juice-coated face and groaned.

"Suck me some more!"

Frank grinned. "You're really hot to trot today."

"It's your fault," Marcia said.

"Aren't you afraid of the neighbors?" he said.

"Fuck the neighbors!" Marcia hissed. "Suck my pussy! They can't see anything anyway. The fence is too high."

She held her cunt lips apart with his fingers. Linda could see the pink meat of Marcia's inner cunt lips. She shivered at the lewd way Marcia was opening her cunt for her husband. Marcia's cunt looked like a wet red flower just waiting to he sucked! Marcia seemed to have no modesty at all about showing her cunt to Frank.

Linda waited breathlessly, hoping that Frank would suck Marcia's pussy again. She waited to see more. It wasn't long before he swooped down on Marcia's cunt again.

His tongue extended out of his mouth. He began lapping up and down the dripping wet gulch of his wife's pussy. Marcia groaned with each stroke of Frank's tongue.

Linda wondered what it would feel like to have a tongue licking up and down between her cunt lips. Just the thought of it made her shudder. She knew she would come like crazy if that was ever done to her.

Her fingers massaged her sopping cunt as she listened to Marcia's moans coming from the other side of the fence.

"Oh, God!" Marcia cried. "Suck my pussy! Suck me out!"

Marcia's hands were at the backs of her knees now, pulling her legs back to completely expose her crotch. Frank rubbed his face up and down and around over the sopping meat of her cunt. He drilled his tongue into her dripping cunt hole.

"Oh, Frank!" she cried. "Jesus Christ!"

Marcia bucked her hips, fucking at his face. She gasped. Her fingers clutched his hair.

"Oh, Jesus, I'm coming!" Marcia wailed. Frank continued sucking. Linda trembled as she watched Marcia convulse in an orgasm. The chaise tongue shook back and forth as Marcia pumped her pussy.

"I'm coming! I'm coming!" Marcia cried. "Oh, dear God!"

When it was finally over, Frank pulled his face away from Marcia's crotch. He wiped his mouth and looked up at her.

"How was that?" he asked.

"Oh, honey!" Marcia moaned. "That was wonderful!"

She straightened her legs out and pulled her dress down. They were sitting there now and talking as though nothing had happened. Linda continued peering through the hole in the fence, wondering if what she had seen had been real or some crazy dream.

Then the teenage girl gasped when Frank stood up and unbuckled his belt. Her eyes wide with excitement, she watched Marcia help Frank get his pants and shorts down.

His huge cock sprang out like a heavy club.

Linda moaned softly. It was the biggest cock she'd ever seen. She gazed at Frank's hairy legs and the dark hair of his crotch. His big balls looked heavy and bloated. Her heart raced as she watched Marcia run her fingertips up and down the throbbing shaft of her husband's huge cock.

Using her thumb, Marcia smeared the cock-juice seeping out of Frank's piss hole over the tight skin of his cock head. Linda stared transfixed at Frank's meaty cock and thought she would faint from excitement.

Linda was insanely jealous of Marcia. The thought of Frank's fat cock head stretching her cunt hole made her shiver.

Now Marcia was smiling up at Frank. Holding Frank's cock shaft in one head, she used the other hand to cup his balls.

"I guess you want me to suck this big thing," Marcia teased.

Frank grunted.

Sticking her tongue out, Marcia began lapping the pulsating head of his cock.

"This way?" Marcia said, giggling.

Her tongue swirled over his knob and then fluttered down the underside of his cock shaft. Linda stifled a groan as her eyes feasted on Frank's juicy-looking cock head! Her pussy was flowing like a river. The crotch of her panties was completely soaked. Her cunt juice had soaked through to wet her jeans. She would give anything to change places with Marcia, to be able to hold and suck Frank's big dick.

She watched as the older woman's fingers fluttered up and down on Frank's cock shaft. She now had his cock head between her teeth. She used her hand in an up and down motion around his cock. She opened her mouth wide and engulfed his cock as deeply as possible.

"Oh, Jesus!" Frank grunted.

Linda trembled and strummed her clit. Her breath came in uneven gasps as she watched Marcia sucking on Frank's cock. She knew all about cock sucking. Each of the boys who had fucked her had had his cock in her mouth. She knew what it felt like to have a fat cock head pressing at her tonsils.

Now she watched as Marcia bobbed her head up and down. Frank's cock was thicker than any Linda had seen. She wondered how it would feel jammed into her mouth.

She could see the expression of lust on Marcia's face. It was obvious that Marcia loved sucking cock. She was an expert at it. Linda could see the saliva drooling out of Marcia's mouth to stream down over her husband's cock shaft and balls. His nuts looked swollen.

"Oh, Jesus, suck that cock, baby! Take it all! Suck it!" Frank groaned as Marcia sucked and slurped over his hard cock.

She gently squeezed his bloated balls, lapping and nipping lightly at the sensitive skin of his ball bag. Then she pulled her mouth off his cock and looked up at him.

"Come in my mouth!" she hissed. Frank shook his head. "Let's fuck!" he said. "We haven't fucked outside in a long time."

Linda stared mesmerized. She watched the Dawsons undress. Her eyes feasted on Frank's naked body. He made the boys she had known look like babies.

She was jealous of Marcia's heavy tits and thick cunt bush and curvy ass. Marcia was a sexy woman and she had the body of a woman who loved to fuck.

Marcia moved into Frank's arms and squirmed as he ran his hands over her full ass.

"Oh, honey!" Marcia moaned. "Fuck me, baby! Fuck me!"

Linda admired the older woman's long lovely legs and sensuous hips. Marcia had just enough meat on her hips for a man to hold onto.

Stretching out on the chaise lounge, Marcia moved a hand down to her pussy. "Come on, lover!" she moaned. "Give it to me!"

Linda held her breath as she watched. Climbing between his wife's legs, Frank positioned himself. He draped her legs over his shoulders, doubling her up so that her cunt turned upward. Taking hold of his cock, he pressed his cock head against her cunt hole and with a sudden lurch of his hips rammed himself into her cunt with one smooth stroke.

Marcia groaned. "Oh, God, that feels good!"

Linda's eyes were riveted on the junction of cock and cunt. She could see the swinging motion of Frank's heavy balls. She could see the dark hairy crack between his ass cheeks. She could see Marcia's gushing cunt hole.

The Dawsons began fucking. Frank pistoned his cock in and out of his wife's steaming cunt hole, his balls slapping against her ass at the end of each powerful stroke.

"Oh, baby, that's good!" she moaned. "That's so good!"

Linda's breath caught in her throat as she watched. She loved to fuck and watching people do it was blowing her mind.

Biting her lip to stifle her gasps, she furiously massaged her cunt with the palm of her hand. The Dawsons looked beautiful as they fucked there in the open. Linda could hear the slurping of Frank's cock in Marcia's cunt. The glider shook each time Frank rammed his cock into Marcia's cunt. He maintained a steady rhythm, his ass pumping like a fucking machine, Marcia's hips rotating as she fucked back at him stroke for stroke.

"Oh, Christ, I'm gonna come!" Frank grunted.

"Give it to me!" Marcia cried. "Shoot it!" He began pumping his ass in a frenzy, grunting and groaning and snorting as he shot his hot load into Marcia's cunt. Her logs rocking, her lips pulled back in a grimace of pleasure, Marcia came with him.

"Oh, God!" Marcia wailed. "Oh, my God!"

Two fingers pumping her own pussy, Linda watched the cheeks of Frank's ass contract and imagined his hot jism spurting into Marcia's cunt. The hot flush of her orgasm almost caused Linda to faint. The intensity of the pleasure forced her to close her eyes. When she opened them again she saw the Dawsons stretched out exhausted beside each other.

Her heart pounding, Linda slipped away as quietly as possible and returned to her house.

Linda locked herself in her room. She could think of nothing else except the scene she'd witnessed in the Dawsons' back yard. Her mind was filled with images of Frank and Marcia sucking and fucking. The memory of it overwhelmed her senses.

She groaned as she remembered the way Frank had looked pumping his hard cock between Marcia's legs. She imagined what his cock would feel like pumping her own cunt. She could almost feel the pleasure of having his cock stretch her pussy.

Slipping a hand between her legs, she cupped her hot cunt and imagined Frank's fat cock head rubbing between her swollen cunt lips. Would a man his age be interested in fucking a young girl? She thought of his thick cock stretching her tender pussy hole.

Moving her legs wide apart, she tossed her head back and massaged her clit. Her cunt was sopping wet again. Her pussy was hot and gooey.

Standing in front of a full-length mirror, she quickly stripped her clothes off. She played with her tits. They weren't as big as Marcia's but they were big enough. Her pink nipples stood out and looked juicy, like two ripe strawberries.

Rolling her nipples between her fingers, she teased them until they were hard. Her blue eyes glittered as she studied her naked body. She liked her body. She liked her large tits. She liked her smooth white thighs and shapely legs. What she liked bet of all was the neat blonde triangle of crotch hair that covered her pussy. She pulled her cunt mound up with her fingers until she could see her pink cunt lips. Her pussy was wet, and her fingers were soon cased with her warm cunt juice. She rubbed some of the juice over her hard, swollen nipples.

A soft moan escaped her lips. She needed a good hard come again. She shivered as she ran a fingertip up and down along the side of her clit. A hot wave of pleasure rushed up from her crotch to make her tits swell.

Cupping her hands under her tits, she massaged them and pulled at her throbbing nipples.

Once again she found it difficult to believe that she had actually seen the Dawsons fucking!

She writhed in front of the mirror, admiring her body, her eyes fixed on the movement of her hand as she massaged her pussy. She could see the wetness on the insides of her thighs.

She ran her fingertips gently into her cunt hole, scooped out some more cunt juice, and once again rubbed it over her nipples. Her pussy quivered.

Moaning, she fell down onto the bed and rolled over onto her stomach. She squeezed her swollen tits. Slipping a hand down between her thighs, she cupped her hot cunt. She ran her fingers up and down the sopping groove of her pussy. She wriggled her hips and moaned as she touched a fingertip to her quivering clit. The tiny knob was swollen and stiff. She rubbed it furiously for a moment and then pulled her hand away.

She was on the brink of coming, but she wanted to delay it. She liked working up to it almost as much as coming.

Sometimes she wondered if she was over sexed or if she played with her pussy too much. She groaned as she imagined a huge cock pushing its way into her tender cunt.

Grinding her hips, squirming her ass on the bed, she once again rubbed her stiff clit and quivered at the sensation of exquisite pleasure. She kept up a steady rhythm with her fingertip until she was again close to coming. Then she pulled the finger away and probed the mouth of her cunt. ...

Adults only 18+
All rights belong to the author: Donna Allen.
This is a short fragment for review the book. The full version can be purchased in the store.