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Hot wild babysitter
Hot wild babysitter

Sequence of author: Companion book(№4374)

Hot wild babysitter

Ted Leonard

Erotic, Sex

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Ted Leonard Hot wild babysitter CHAPTER ONE Pretty Pam Turner's heart pounded wildly behind her small tits when she found her father home alone. The minute she saw him in his T-shirt and shorts she knew her mother was out. He always sat around like that when his wife was gone. And it scared Pam. She shut the door behind her, and her sharp gaze flew to her father's lap. There was a large bulge in his white shorts with a big wet spot on top of it. Pam could plainly see he had been playing with his cock again. Her breathing quickened and she tore her gaze from the frightening monstrosity. Without a word of greeting, she hurried to her own room. She quickly closed the door and leaned against it, breathing erratically, hoping against hope that her father wouldn't bother her. She waited with bated breath for several minutes. Then she heaved a sigh and her tensed shoulders sagged. Her jutting little tits stopped thrusting in her shirt. She felt...