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Ever horny wife
Ever horny wife

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Ever horny wife

Donna Allen

Erotic, Sex

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Donna Allen Ever horny wife CHAPTER ONE When they were only blocks from the house, Melanie Hunt knew her husband wanted to fuck her. That knowledge had two effects on the young wife. She was horny enough to fuck. It had been days since Barry's big cock had pushed inside her cunt. Even now she lubricated just thinking about getting her rocks off. On the other hand she was annoyed at Barry. So while she was horny, even frustrated, fucking Barry held little appeal for her. Maybe it was inevitable, but she was tired of Barry taking her for granted. Everything had to be his way. They fucked when he was in the mood. She could be throbbing with need, but if he didn't want to fuck they wouldn't fuck. He thinks just because he's a man he can call all the shots, she thought. Anytime he wants it, he makes a grab for my pussy. The worst part was society was on his side. Even with all the noise the libbers made, it was still a man's world. Stop...

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