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Sister eager for more
Sister eager for more

Sequence of author: Companion book(№4489)

Sister eager for more

David Crane

Erotic, Sex

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David Crane Sister eager for more CHAPTER ONE Randolph Sumner was pouring himself a cup of coffee when he heard a car pull up and stop outside. His eyebrows lifted slightly. Randolph had just gotten up and was wearing a red velvet robe, loosely tied, showing that he was naked beneath. He moved to the window, drew the curtain aside and looked out – and smiled when he saw that it was his sister's car that had stopped. Jessica was thirty-four, a year younger than Randolph. She was married, with two teenaged kids, and Randolph was a confirmed bachelor. Although their lives had taken separate directions, Randolph and Jessica had remained good friends. Jessica was just getting out of the car. She glanced up, saw her brother at the window, and smiled warmly. Randolph smiled back, pleased to see her. Any red-blooded man would have been pleased to see Jessica, in fact, for she was a gorgeous-looking woman, the sort that robust guys fantasized about when...

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