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Naughty nympho wife
Naughty nympho wife

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Naughty nympho wife

Donna Allen

Erotic, Sex

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Donna Allen Naughty nympho wife CHAPTER ONE She was alone at this party. Candice hated being alone at a party. She told herself it was Martin's fault. Martin was her husband and he was to be here with her. Instead he was out of town on one of his business trips. She was a married woman and she ought to be with her husband at a party like this. She felt lonely. She knew some people here but most of them were single and more carefree than she was. Nearly all the people at the party seemed to be having a good time except her. You're depressed, she thought. Was she depressed? Not in general, no. But maybe she was depressed about her life. She was twenty-eight and she wasn't that satisfied with things. She thought a woman of twenty-eight ought to feel better about her life than she did. What did she have to feel blue about? It certainly wasn't her looks. She could tell by the way men looked at her what they thought about her. And Martin, too. She...

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