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The farm wifes pets
The farm wife_s pets

Sequence of author: Centaur series(№1043)

The farm wife_s pets

Ted Leonard

Erotic, Sex

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Ted Leonard The farm wife_s pets CHAPTER ONE Pretty, eighteen-year-old Sissy Clanton got out of bed yawning. She stood on tiptoe and stretched her slim arms above her rich blonde hair. Her naked body arched slightly and her young tits rose up and jutted hard. Her pink nipples pointed stiffly. Her tuft of golden pussy-hair poked out as her back bowed. Her curvy ass firmed up like her tits. In the distance, a rooster crowed. Her husband murmured in his sleep and Sissy turned and peered at him. It had been another hot, clammy night, and the sheet was thrown carelessly across his lower belly. Her blue eyes traveled to the spot where his hairy thighs came together, just below the sheet. Her pink tongue slipped across her pouting pink lips and she sighed. "Hollis," she whispered. "You awake?" The young man smacked his lips and muttered, "Hmmm? Yeah, yeah." Sissy gazed at the bulge in the sheet and a longing softened her eyes. She fought the urge to get back into bed with him, and a...

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