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The wifes doggy position
The wife_s doggy position

Sequence of author: Centaur series(№1123)

The wife_s doggy position

David Crane

Erotic, Sex

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David Crane The wife_s doggy position CHAPTER ONE "My husband caught me fucking a dog." Molly's mouth dropped open in amazement when Carla said that and, having said it, Carla blushed. Carla had recently been divorced, and Molly had asked her why her marriage had come unstuck. Molly was truly shocked by the woman's answer, and Carla was surprised at herself for having said it. The two young women were having a drink at a table in a cocktail lounge. Just as Carla made her admission, the jukebox stopped playing, and there was a dead silence. It seemed as if everyone in the room must have heard her remarkable statement. For a long moment, the two girls just stared at each other. But no one else had turned to gape at them and, a moment later, another loud tune started to blare from the jukebox. "I guess I shouldn't have told you that," Carla said. "I… no, I'm not… well, I mean…" Molly stammered, not knowing how to respond. Carla gave a little shrug. "Well, it's true." "Really? A...

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