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Horny for rams and horses
Horny for rams and horses

Sequence of author: Centaur series(№1128)

Horny for rams and horses

David Crane

Erotic, Sex

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David Crane Horny for rams and horses CHAPTER ONE Marion Tremayne was startled when she realized that the horse she was riding was getting a hard-on. Then she was thrilled. She was riding bareback, and the thought that it must have been the rubbing of her hot crotch on his back which excited the horse was the sort of thing that thrilled the woman. Marion was a sexy woman who had often given men hard-ons, but this, as far as she knew, was the first time that she had ever excited an animal. She looked ahead to where her guide was riding, leading the way. When she saw that he was looking straight ahead, she grinned and leaned sideways, staring down under the animal's loins. His huge prick looped out in a fat prod. The big, dark-fleshed cockhead was just starting to push out from the foreskin and his balls were big as melons. Marion was getting turned on, herself. She looked ahead again. The young man who was guiding her along the forest trail was paying her no attention and had...

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