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Pams pony
Pam_s pony

Sequence of author: Centaur series(№1136)

Pam_s pony

Ted Leonard

Erotic, Sex

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Ted Leonard Pam's pony CHAPTER ONE Pretty Pam Forbes went out the back door of the house and skipped down the steps. Her golden hair waved and her ripe young tits jiggled slightly. Her cute little ass wiggled as she pranced excitedly to the shed in back. It had been a wood shed just a few weeks before, but it was now the cozy home of Pam's birthday present: a beautiful black-and-white pinto pony. Her father had been forced into the job of transforming the shed into a place for the pony. Pam had wanted that pony, but her dad couldn't afford suck a luxury. So his brother Ben, Pam's nice uncle, had bought it for her. Sam Forbes knew that his brother couldn't really afford such a gift for the girl, but only Pam knew the real reason her Uncle Ben had been so generous. From the kitchen window, Ann Forbes watched her teenaged daughter run across the yard ad disappear into the shed with the pony. Ann smiled to herself. She had never understood the girl's desire for a pony, but now she...

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