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Barbaras kennel orgy
Barbara_s kennel orgy

Sequence of author: Centaur series(№1267)

Barbara_s kennel orgy

David Crane

Erotic, Sex

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David Crane Barbara_s kennel orgy CHAPTER ONE Barbara Graves could hear the sounds of hammering and sawing from the back garden, and knew that the carpenter she had hired was busily at work constructing the dog kennels in which she intended to board dogs while their owners were on vacation. She had already advertised in the newspapers and was eagerly waiting for her first customer to phone. She expected a good response to her ad, because she wasn’t charging very much at all, offering a real bargain. Barbara had her own reasons for going into the dog-boarding business, and money was the least of her concerns. In her mid-twenties, Barbara had inherited the big house and a substantial income, and whatever work she chose to do was a labor of love. Literally-she loved dogs. Barbara had never married, although she was a gorgeous girl who had had plenty of offers. She had never wanted to tie herself down to one man and, knowing full well she would cheat on a husband, she didn’t think...

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