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Party wife
Party wife

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Party wife

David Crane

Erotic, Sex

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David Crane Party wife CHAPTER ONE Jayne Morrison sat on the edge of the bed as she rolled her nylon stockings up her heavy thighs. She never wore tights. Her husband, Jonathon, hated tights. He said they made a woman look like a smooth-crotched, sexless doll – and the last thing that Jayne saw herself as was sexless. She was certainly right about that, as well. She was a gorgeous woman, often compared to the proverbial brick shithouse. Heavy hipped and large breasted, she had a narrow waist – the classic hourglass configuration. She was naked now, but for the stockings and the black garter belt to which they would be strapped. She was getting dressed for the office party. Jonathon came to the door of the bedroom and looked in. He was not particularly pleased that his lovely wife was going to a party without him, but he hadn't objected too strongly. It was simply a matter of office policy that the husbands and wives of the employees did not...

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