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Wicked, willing wife
Wicked, willing wife

Sequence of author: Greenleaf reader(№2206)

Wicked, willing wife

Donna Allen

Erotic, Sex

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Donna Allen Wicked, willing wife CHAPTER ONE This was the first time twenty-six-year-old Gloria Crawford had cheated on her husband and she was overwhelmed with fear and excitement. Charlie Bates was inside the door. He had his arms around her, and their mouths were plastered together in a deep kiss. She could feel the bulge of his cock pressing against her belly. Charlie's hands were on her ass, and she shivered with pleasure at the way his fingers clutched the full flesh of her ass-cheeks. Unable to help herself, she squirmed her hips to massage her belly against the stiffness of his cock. When they finally broke apart, she gasped, "Oh, Charlie, I'm frightened!" He was the husband of one of her friends. She had never dreamed that she and Charlie would ever get together like this, but then one night at a party he made a pass and she found herself accepting his offer. Later she was sorry, but then she thought it over and realized how...

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