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The aunt turns on
The aunt turns on

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The aunt turns on

Donna Allen

Erotic, Sex

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Donna Allen The aunt turns on CHAPTER ONE "Suck my pussy," Joanna Barker said. "It's all hot and juicy for you." She straddled her husband, her knees on either side of his shoulders, her wet cunt poised over his face. Charlie chuckled as he gazed up at his wife's dripping gash. "Now that's what I call a raunchy-looking cunt." "Does that mean you don't like it?" Using her fingers, she spread her cuntlips apart to expose her turgid cunt. "You know better than that. You know I love it." Joanna smiled and lowered her pussy to his waiting mouth. She moaned softly at the first contact of his lips and tongue with her steaming cunt-flesh. "Slow and easy," she said. "Pussy needs a good workout." After ten years of marriage, Charlie knew what she needed when he lapped her cunt. Joanna purred with pleasure as his tongue worked up and down her swollen slit. She was happy to be married to a man who enjoyed sucking pussy. She knew that not all...

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