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Daughters torment
Daughter_s torment

Sequence of author: Bondage house(№8124)

Daughter_s torment

Ted Leonard

Erotic, Sex

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Ted Leonard Daughter_s torment CHAPTER ONE Pretty Sharon Turner trembled with fear as the huge, powerful man dropped his pants and exposed his enormous cock. "Suck it off," he commanded. Sharon quivered. Her big blue eyes were riveted to the man's gigantic prick and a shiver of fear mixed with unwonted excitement shot through her body. His cock looked more like an instrument of torture than an organ meant for pleasure. Compared to the nice young pricks she'd become accustomed to, this swollen, wet club of a cock looked dangerous. His prick was very long, terribly thick, and throbbed like giant wet heart. The man attached to the cock was not a nice man, that was clear to Sharon. The man named Clint stepped up to her. There was an evil grin on his face, as if he knew he was frightening her – and loving it! Sharon recoiled in terror because close up his cock looked terrifyingly large. She didn't want to have anything to do with a huge prick...

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