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Disciplined daughter
Disciplined daughter

Sequence of author: Bondage house(№8137)

Disciplined daughter

Ted Leonard

Erotic, Sex

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Ted Leonard Disciplined daughter CHAPTER ONE Pretty little Cindy Farmer thought she was pretty clever. She was the first girl under the age of nineteen to become a member of the high school gang, the Jet-Savers. She was as tall as an nineteen-year-old, as curvy as a nineteen-year-old and, as it turned out, as sexy as a nineteen-year old. At first the older girls laughed at her for even dreaming of becoming a Jet-Saver – the female arm of the Jetsons, a gang of senior high boys who preferred orgies to baseball. The tough Jet-Savers, in their leather jackets and tight denims, scoffed at Cindy and ridiculed her. She was only a tenth-grader, beneath them, too naive, too young. But Cindy proved them wrong. She hounded the older girls so often that they finally – laughingly – agreed to let her try to pass their initiation tests. Every chick had to undergo the same trials before she could become a Jet-Saver. Cindy proudly and confidently accepted the...

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