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Captive niece
Captive niece

Sequence of author: Bondage house(№8143)

Captive niece

Ted Leonard

Erotic, Sex

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Ted Leonard Captive niece CHAPTER ONE The minute pretty Diane Adams saw her uncle, she knew he wanted to fuck her. She could see it in his hungry eyes. And when she stepped down from the train to hug and kiss her aunt, she saw the big cock bulge in her uncle's pants. That pleased her. A stiff hard-on on a boy or a man always told her she was pretty and sexy and desirable. A hard-on was vital to her, for she was a devout cockteaser. Once satisfied that her uncle was truly hot for her body, Diane dismissed him with a smile and a hello. "I'll put your bags in the truck," he said sourly. He hefted her luggage and carried it to his battered old pick-up truck. Diane walked arm in arm with her aunt and cooed, "Thanks for letting me spend another summer with you." "Oh, you don't have to thank us," her aunt said. "It's wonderful having you with us. Besides, you're a big help around the farm. I told you that last gear. It's so good to have someone...

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