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Raped degraded daughter
Raped degraded daughter

Sequence of author: Bondage house(№8156)

Raped degraded daughter

Ted Leonard

Erotic, Sex

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Ted Leonard Raped degraded daughter CHAPTER ONE Linda Simmons cowered in her bed as she listened to her mom and dad arguing again. Her father sounded so mean when he yelled, and it always frightened Linda. She was frightened now as her dad's voice rose threateningly. Then she heard the slapping sound and her mom's short scream. Oh God, Linda thought fearfully, he's gonna hurt her again. One night a few months before, Jim Simmons had come home rather drunk, and he had beat the hell out of his wife because she refused to fuck him. Linda's young ears had heard some pretty horrible things that night. "What's wrong with my cock?" her father had yelled. "You got another one on the side? Is that it, you fucking bitch? Why won't you fuck, you little slut?" "Because you're so God damned drunk, you slob!" Janet Simmons had responded. "You just think your pussy's too good for me!" her father bellowed. Linda covered her ears with her hands that...

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