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The family maid
The family maid

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The family maid

David Crane

Erotic, Sex

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David Crane The family maid CHAPTER ONE When Jonathon Wintergreen returned to his Bellevue mansion after interviewing the job applicants, he found his daughter drinking whisky in the kitchen. His daughter had peculiar tastes, he thought. He didn't mind her drinking whisky, but he couldn't understand why she sat in the kitchen instead of the study or library, or why she chose to wear ragged jeans instead of her elegant clothes. But, he had given up trying to bridge the generation gap and he said, "Hello, Amanda. Is your mother home?" "Yeah," the girl said. "Where is she?" "In the bedroom. She's rubbing her cunt with a vibrator." "Oh," said Jonathon. These were very wealthy society people and they said things like that. Amanda wrinkled her nose, sipping Scotch, and said, "I think she got horny 'cause you were interviewing sexy young girls, Father. She was pacing around, looking excited, anyhow. You know how she looks when she's horny....

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