Guardians of Time
Guardians of Time

Year of publication: 1962
Sequence of author: Time patrol(№1)

Guardians of Time

Poul Anderson

Alternative history

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Guardians of Time by Poul Anderson Time Patrol To Kenny Cray —who’ll tell me that I did wrong —and to Gloria, who knows better 1 MEN WANTED 21-40, pref. single, mil. or tech. exp., good physique, for high-pay work with foreign travel. Engineering Studies Co., 305 E.45, 9-12 2-6. “The work is, you understand, somewhat unusual,” said Mr. Gordon. “And confidential. I trust you can keep a secret?” “Normally,” said Manse Everard. “Depends on what the secret is, of course.” Mr. Gordon smiled. It was a curious smile, a closed curve of his lips which was not quite like any Everard had seen before. He spoke easy colloquial General American, and wore an undistinguished business suit, but there was a foreignness over him which was more than dark complexion beardless cheeks, and the incongruity of Mongolian eyes above a thin Caucasian nose. It was hard to place. “We’re not spies, if that’s what...

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