The Only Game in Town
The Only Game in Town

Year of publication: 1960
Sequence of author: Time patrol(№4)

The Only Game in Town

Poul Anderson

Alternative history

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The Only Game in Town by Poul Anderson 1 John Sandoval did not belong to his name. Nor did it seem right that he should stand in slacks and aloha shirt before an apartment window opening on midtwentieth-century Manhattan. Everard was used to anachronism, but the dark hooked face confronting him always seemed to want warpaint, a horse, and a gun sighted on some pale thief. “Okay,” he said. “The Chinese discovered America. Interesting, but why does the fact need my services?” “I wish to hell I knew,” Sandoval answered. His rangy form turned about on the polar-bear rug, which Bjarni Herjulfsson had once given to Everard, until he was staring outward. Towers were sharp against a clear sky; the noise of traffic was muted by height. His hands clasped and unclasped behind his back. “I was ordered to co-opt an Unattached agent, go back with him and take whatever measures seemed indicated,” he went on after a while. “I knew you best, so…” His voice...

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