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Three horny wives
Three horny wives

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Three horny wives

David Crane

Erotic, Sex

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David Crane Three horny wives CHAPTER ONE Jennifer Foley woke up early that morning and looked across the bed at her husband, Fred, who was sleeping soundly. Jennifer was frustrated. It seemed to her that the only thing he ever did at home was sleep. Of late, he had been spending more and more time at the office and not getting home to their house in the suburbs until late at night. He would slump in front of the television for a while and then crawl up to bed. In the mornings, as soon as the alarm clock sounded, he was up and out of the house. When they were first married, Jennifer had fucked and sucked day and night, now she was lucky to get a quick poke on weekends. Jennifer was a horny woman and the fact that she was not getting her share of fucking was of great concern to her. She began to idly stroke her poor neglected pussy. Her cunt rippled with expectation as she traced the tips of her fingers along the unfurling cunt lips. The slit...

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