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Midnight Never Come

Midnight Never Come

Marie Brennan

ISBN: 9780316032643
Year of publication: 2008

Marie Brennan MIDNIGHT NEVER COME This book is dedicated to two groups of people. To the players of Memento: Jennie Kaye, Avery Liell-Kok, Ryan Conner, and Heather Goodman. And to their characters, whose ghosts still haunt this story: Rowan Scott, Sabbeth, Erasmus Fleet, and Wessamina Hammercrank. Prologue THE TOWER OF LONDON: March 1554 Fitful drafts of chill air blew in through the cruciform windows of the Bell Tower, and the fire did little to combat them. The chamber was ill lit, just wan ...

Keywords: 1558-1603 Courts and courtiers Elizabeth Great Britain


Walter Scott

Year of publication: 2006

KENILWORTH. by Sir Walter Scott, Bart. INTRODUCTION A certain degree of success, real or supposed, in the delineation of Queen Mary, naturally induced the author to attempt something similar respecting her sister and her foe, the celebrated Elizabeth. He will not, however, pretend to have approached the task with the same feelings for the candid Robertson himself confesses having felt the prejudices with which a Scottishman is tempted to regard the subject and what so liberal a historian avows, ...

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