Keywords: 1610-1643 -- fiction

Bardelys the Magnificent

Bardelys the Magnificent

Rafael Sabatini

Year of publication: 2000

BARDELYS THE MAGNIFICENT By Rafael Sabatini CHAPTER I. THE WAGER Speak of the Devil, whispered La Fosse in my ear, and, moved by the words and by the significance of his glance, I turned in my chair. 1The door had opened, and under the lintel stood the thick-set figure of the Comte de Chatellerault. Before him a lacquey in my escutcheoned livery of red-and-gold was receiving, with back obsequiously bent, his hat and cloak. A sudden hush fell upon the assembly where a moment ago this very man had ...

Keywords: 1610-1643 -- Fiction France -- History -- Louis XIII