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Black Square

Black Square

Sophie Pinkham

ISBN: 9780393247978
Year of publication: 2016

Sophie Pinkham BLACK SQUARE ADVENTURES IN POST-SOVIET UKRAINE For my friends in Ukraine and Russia, with love and gratitude. MAPS PREFACE I was seven years old when the Berlin Wall fell. Watching the news with my parents in New York, I wondered how a simple concrete barrier could be so important. Why hadnt people just climbed over it Newscasters discussed the Iron Curtain, which sounded scary, but also confusing. Didnt curtains, by definition, ripple and fold I was sixteen when NATO bombed ...

Keywords: 21st Century Europe Geopolitics Russia Social History Travel
Stories: All-New Tales

Stories: All-New Tales

Neil Gaiman; Al Sarrantonio

ISBN: 9780061230929
Year of publication: 2010

Stories All-New Tales Edited by Neil Gaiman and Al Sarrantonio For all the storytellers and tale spinners who entertained the public and kept themselves alive, for Alexandre Dumas and Charles Dickens, for Mark Twain and Baroness Orczy and the rest, and most of all, for Scheherazade, who was the storyteller and the story told. ContentsIntroduction: Just Four Words Neil Gaiman Blood: Roddy Doyle Fossil-Figures: Joyce Carol Oates Wildfire in Manhattan: Joanne Harris The Truth Is a Cave in the Black ...

Keywords: 21st century American American fiction Anthologies Anthologies (multiple authors) English Fantasy fiction Fiction Fiction - General General Short stories Short Story
Putin's Russia

Putin's Russia

Anna Politkovskaya

ISBN: 9780805082500
Year of publication: 2007

Anna Politkovskaya PUTINS RUSSIA LIFE IN A FAILING DEMOCRACY FOREWORD She wasnt charismatic, she didnt fill lecture halls, and she wasnt much good at talk shows either. Nevertheless, at the time of her murder in Moscow, Anna Politkovskaya was at the pinnacle of her influence. One of the best-known journalists in Russia and one of the best-known Russian journalists in the world, she was proofand more is always neededthat there is still nothing quite so powerful as the written word. The subject of ...

Keywords: 21st Century Corruption and Misconduct Europe History Political Freedom Russia and the Former Soviet Union
The Brothers

The Brothers

Masha Gessen

ISBN: 9780698148703
Year of publication: 2015

Masha Gessen THE BROTHERS The Road to an American Tragedy FOREWORD The pain inflicted by the Boston Marathon bombing was one of the few aspects of that act of terror that were immediately evident and certain. Such is the nature of the crime that hundreds of individuals and families will suffer loss and trauma for many years to come. This book, however, is not about that pain. It is about something that, whatever evidence is unearthed, will never be entirely certain: it is about the tragedy that ...

Keywords: 21st Century Criminals and Outlaws History Modern Political Science Terrorism
The Sorrows of Empire: Militarism, Secrecy, and the End of the Republic

The Sorrows of Empire: Militarism, Secrecy, and the End of the Republic

Chalmers Johnson

ISBN: 9780805077971
Year of publication: 2003

Praise for THE SORROWS OF EMPIRE Chalmers Johnson is a legendary scholar....In this cri de coeur, he asks us to grasp, before it is too late, that Americas modern militarist empire threatens to destroy the democratic republic. His analysis is powerful and dreadfully persuasive. William Greider, author ofThe Soul of Capitalism: Opening Paths to a Moral Economy When a nation falls into sinful ways, angry words and dire prognostications may be necessary to reawaken people to the truth. In Chalmers ...

Keywords: 21st Century Civil-Military Relations Civil-Military Relations - United States General History Imperialism International Intervention (International Law) Law Militarism Militarism - United States Military Military-Industrial Complex Military-Industrial Complex - United States Official Secrets Official Secrets - United States United States United States - Foreign Relations - 2001 United States - Military Policy United States - Politics and Government - 2001