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The Cat Who Went Bananas

The Cat Who Went Bananas

Lilian Jackson Braun

ISBN: 9780786273218
Year of publication: 2005

THE CAT WHO WENT BANANAS LILIAN JACKSON BRAUN, 2005 PROLOGUE Break a leg, Fran, honey Break a leg, Alden Break a leg, Derek, old boy It was opening night of the new play in Pickax City 400 miles north of everywhere, and the actors were receiving the traditional bonhomie from well-wishers. The theatre club was doing Oscar Wildes comedy of absurd upper-class manners: The Importance of Being Earnest. Fran Brodie, interior designer, was playing Gwendolen. The male lead was being done by Alden Wade, ...

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Soldier Dog

Soldier Dog

Sam Angus

ISBN: 9781447228172
Year of publication: 2012

Soldier Dog by Sam Angus For Cary PART I 13 May 1917 Lancashire Twelve hours had passed. Hed last seen her at eight that morning. Faint with exhaustion and hunger, Stanley sank down. How on earth could he find a creature lighter and quieter than the wind He called out to her but his voice was caught up and whisked away over the sedge grass. All day out searching hed seen only five dogs. There were fewer dogs in Longridge now, just as there was less of everything, because of the War. He rose and ...

Keywords: Action & Adventure Animals General Historical Juvenile Fiction
Tails of the Apocalypse

Tails of the Apocalypse

Steven Savile
Nick Cole
Michael Bunker
David Bruns
Harlow C Fallon
Stefan Bolz
Jennifer Ellis
Chris Pourteau
Edward W Robertson
David Adams
Hank Garner
Deirdre Gould
Elena E Giorgi
Todd Barselow

ISBN: 9780989981378
Year of publication: 2015

TAILS OF THE APOCALYPSE Edited by Chris Pourteau Foreword by Mary Buckham For our four-legged, feathered, and winged friends Who often teach their human neighbors on this planet What it means to be humane Story Synopses The Water Finders Shadow by David Bruns Imagine an earth where water is the new oil, where humanity is reduced to the haveswho live in water-secure citiesand the have-nots: roaming clans who live a life of perpetual thirst in the open desert. Polluk, a Water Finder, and his dog, ...

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Shipwrecked in Siberia

Shipwrecked in Siberia

Anthony J Melchiorri

ISBN: 9781498924115
Year of publication: 2014

Anthony J. Melchiorri SHIPWRECKED IN SIBERIA Lets go. Belskiys raspy voice cracked through the early morning darkness. Shukshin looked toward the window of the drafty room where Belskiy stood. A shimmer of orange approached the horizon, chasing away the loitering stars. The thick covers, matted and clumped, were still more welcoming than the blankets of snow outside. Yes, Shukshin said, but Ive got to feed Dusha first. Belskiy muttered something incomprehensible about the dog lying next to ...

Keywords: action adventure thriller adventure survival men and dogs men's adventure fiction Russian literature short story about animals short story wilderness
Martin the Warrior [Redwall 6]

Martin the Warrior [Redwall 6]

Brian Jacques

ISBN: 9780441001866
Year of publication: 1993

Amid the deep white winter snow, Sleeps Mossflowr until spring, While snug in Cavern Hole below, All Redwalls creatures sing. Old autumn gave us plenty, Our harvest did not fail, No plate or jug is empty, Theres good October ale. Three young creatures, the otter twins Bagg and Runn, accompanied by Grubb, their molefriend, hauled a small beech log between them along the path to Redwall Abbey. The intrepid trio kept stopping to clear away the snowdrift building up in front of the log as they ...

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Wild Animals at Home

Wild Animals at Home

Ernest Thompson Seton

Year of publication: 2009

WILD ANIMALS AT HOME by Ernest Thompson Seton I. A Prairie-dog town In N. Y. Zoo. Photo by E. T. Seton Foreword My travels in search of light on the Animals at Home have taken me up and down the Rocky Mountains for nearly thirty years. In the canyons from British Columbia to Mexico, I have lighted my campfire, far beyond the bounds of law and order, at times, and yet I have found no place more rewarding than the Yellowstone Park, the great mountain haven of wild life. Whenever travellers ...

Keywords: Animal behavior Animals -- Anecdotes Animals -- Fiction
Wild Animals I Have Known

Wild Animals I Have Known

Ernest Thompson Seton

Year of publication: 2001

WILD ANIMALS I HAVE KNOWN By Ernest Thompson Seton THESE STORIES are true. Although I have left the strict line of historical truth in many places, the animals in this book were all real characters. They lived the lives I have depicted, and showed the stamp of heroism and personality more strongly by far than it has been in the power of my pen to tell. I believe that natural history has lost much by the vague general treatment that is so common. What satisfaction would be derived from a ten-page ...

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