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Stories: All-New Tales

Stories: All-New Tales

Neil Gaiman; Al Sarrantonio

ISBN: 9780061230929
Year of publication: 2010

Stories All-New Tales Edited by Neil Gaiman and Al Sarrantonio For all the storytellers and tale spinners who entertained the public and kept themselves alive, for Alexandre Dumas and Charles Dickens, for Mark Twain and Baroness Orczy and the rest, and most of all, for Scheherazade, who was the storyteller and the story told. ContentsIntroduction: Just Four Words Neil Gaiman Blood: Roddy Doyle Fossil-Figures: Joyce Carol Oates Wildfire in Manhattan: Joanne Harris The Truth Is a Cave in the Black ...

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The Best American Mystery Stories 2018

The Best American Mystery Stories 2018

Lee Child
Charlaine Harris
Michael Connelly
James Lee Burke
Joyce Carol Oates
Otto Penzler
Andrew Klavan
Louise Penny
T C Boyle
David Edgerley Gates
William Dylan Powell
John M Floyd
Louis Bayard
Andrew Bourelle
Michael Bracken
Rob Hart
David H Hendrickson
Martin ón
Paul D Marks
Alan Orloff
Scott Loring Sanders
Brian Silverman

ISBN: 9780544949096
Year of publication: 2018

THE BEST AMERICAN MYSTERY STORIES 2018 Edited by Louise Penny Foreword It is enormously gratifying and comforting to be reminded that readers continue to have affection for mystery fiction, a field in which I have found profound pleasure in both my personal and professional lives. One recent bestseller list in the New York Times generally regarded as the most important one, however flawed and suspect its methodology may be placed eleven mysterycrimesuspensethriller fiction titles in the top ...

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Honor Guards

Honor Guards


ISBN: 9781933110011
Year of publication: 2004

Honor Guards by RADCLY f FE INTRODUCTION I wrote Above All, Honor as an actionromance novel, and as the series has evolved, it has developed into the story of relationships in a world that is dangerous and often deadly. Because much of the story is set in Manhattan and one of the main characters is the daughter of the president of the United States, it seemed integral to the continuing saga to deal with the events of September 11, 2001. I agonized over the appropriate time to write about this ...

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