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What Soldiers Do

What Soldiers Do

Mary Louise Roberts

ISBN: 9780226923093
Year of publication: 2013

Mary Louise Roberts WHAT SOLDIERS DO Sex and the American GI in World War II France Dedicated in loving memory to my parents EMMIE ROBERTS AND JAMES H. ROBERTS Map of Normandy and Brittany Acknowledgments It gives me great pleasure to thank the many sources of funding I received to research and write this book. I am grateful to the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation for making possible a research leave during the academic year 20078. The Institute for Research in the Humanities at the ...

Keywords: Counseling Europe France Gender Studies Medical Books Military Politics Psychology Sexuality Social History Social Sciences United States World War II
The Gender Creative Child

The Gender Creative Child

Diane Ehrensaft
Norman Spack

ISBN: 9781615193073
Year of publication: 2016

Diane Ehrensaft, PhD THE GENDER CREATIVE CHILD PATHWAYS FOR NURTURING AND SUPPORTING CHILDREN WHO LIVE OUTSIDE GENDER BOXES To my beloved parents, Edith Ehrensaft and Morris Ehrensaft, ninety-six and ninety-eight years old, and still going strong Foreword by Norman Spack, MD In 1985, WHEN I ran an adolescent medicine practice, a colleague asked me to provide testosterone treatment for a recent college graduate, my first transgender patient. Although the patient had been born anatomically female ...

Keywords: Bisexual Child Psychology Demographics Gay Gender Studies Lesbian LGBT Studies Medical Books Parenting Pederasty Politics and Social Sciences Psychology and Counseling Transgender