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Black Square

Black Square

Sophie Pinkham

ISBN: 9780393247978
Year of publication: 2016

Sophie Pinkham BLACK SQUARE ADVENTURES IN POST-SOVIET UKRAINE For my friends in Ukraine and Russia, with love and gratitude. MAPS PREFACE I was seven years old when the Berlin Wall fell. Watching the news with my parents in New York, I wondered how a simple concrete barrier could be so important. Why hadnt people just climbed over it Newscasters discussed the Iron Curtain, which sounded scary, but also confusing. Didnt curtains, by definition, ripple and fold I was sixteen when NATO bombed ...

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Ukraine: ZBIG's Grand Chess Board & How The West Was Checkmated

Ukraine: ZBIG's Grand Chess Board & How The West Was Checkmated

Kermit Heartsong
Natylie Baldwin

Year of publication: 2015

Ukraine: ZBIGs Grand Chess Board How The West Was Checkmated Part I The opening repertoire beyond Conditions in the Soviet Union Reagan and Gorbachev The Failure of the Peace Dividend Zbigniew Brzeziskis Grand Chess Board The Neoconservatives The Philosophy Military Strategy The Wolfowitz Doctrine A Clean Break Robert Kagan and Victoria Nuland Responsibility to Protect Origins of R2P Libya An Abuse of R2P NATO: From Cold War to Global War NATO in the 1990s 1996 The Turning Point NATO in the ...

Keywords: Geopolitics NATO Russia Ukraine USA
Putin and the Rise of Russia

Putin and the Rise of Russia

Michael Stuermer

ISBN: 9781605981314
Year of publication: 2008

Michael Stuermer PUTIN AND THE RISE OF RUSSIA ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The author is indebted to many people who have, through their ideas, expertise and advice, contributed to the concept of this book. First and foremost I wish to thank Ms Katja Machotina from St Petersburg, Russia and Munich, Germany who has given me invaluable help and advice, asking questions and providing answers, and checking much of the detail. Many diplomats, active and retired, have given advice, some have provided information ...

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