Keywords: International and World Politics

The Soviet Century

The Soviet Century

Moshe Lewin

ISBN: 9781784780661
Year of publication: 2016

Moshe Lewin THE SOVIET CENTURY Edited by Gregory Elliott PREFACE The Soviet Union is no more. As some like to put it, Its history meaning Forget all that. Politicians, academics and the media elaborate on this formula in accordance with their specific interests and perspectives. But the term history is rich in meanings and the Soviet era is still recent history. Even if their numbers are declining, the majority of the populations of Russia and the other republics of the ex-Soviet Union were ...

Keywords: 20th Century Communism Europe Ideologies and Doctrines International and World Politics Politics and Government Politics and Social Sciences Radicalism Russia Russian and Former Soviet Union Socialism
Winter Is Coming

Winter Is Coming

Garry Kasparov
Mig Greengard

ISBN: 9781610396202
Year of publication: 2015

Garry Kasparov WINTER IS COMING Why Vladimir Putin and the Enemies of the Free World Must Be Stopped To the memory of Boris Nemtsov and to every person in the world battling for freedom and democracy as he did every day. -GARRY KASPAROV To Zoe, who makes it all possible, and to Cleo and Rafa, who make it all worth it. -MIG GREENGARD INTRODUCTION On August 19, 1991, CNN was providing nonstop live coverage of an attempted coup against Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev. Allied with the KGB, ...

Keywords: Europe Former Soviet Union Government History International and World Politics National and International Security Political Freedom Politics Russia Social Sciences
The War Against Putin

The War Against Putin

Marcus S King

ISBN: 9781500316266
Year of publication: 2014

M. S. King THE WAR AGAINST PUTIN What the Government-Media Complex Isnt Telling You About Russia INTRODUCTION As of the date of this publication April 2014, a Google Search for the term Putin thug yields an astonishing 850,000 results about the same as for Putin murderer. Coming in at about 500,000 results is Putin tyrant. Even the whimsical Putin the Terrible is pushing 100,000. Most of these negative results source back to some bloviating American politician, commentator, editorial writer or ...

Keywords: Europe European History International and World Politics Politics and Government Politics and Social Sciences