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MJ-12: Endgame

MJ-12: Endgame

Michael J Martinez

ISBN: 9781597809719
Year of publication: 2018

Michael J. Martinez MJ-12: Endgame Books by Michael J. Martinez The Daedalus Series The Daedalus Incident The Enceladus Crisis The Venusian Gambit The Gravity of the Affair novella MAJESTIC-12 MJ-12: Inception MJ-12: Shadows MJ-12: Endgame Dedication This ones for Sara. Thanks for believing. Authors Note As with the other books in the MAJESTIC-12 series, this novel includes viewpoints and commentary in keeping with the early Cold War era of the setting. Thus, youll find characters dealing with ...

Keywords: Area 51 Espionage Fantasy Fiction Historical Majestic 12 Paranormal Supernatural Thriller