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Ukraine: ZBIG's Grand Chess Board & How The West Was Checkmated

Ukraine: ZBIG's Grand Chess Board & How The West Was Checkmated

Kermit Heartsong
Natylie Baldwin

Year of publication: 2015

Ukraine: ZBIGs Grand Chess Board How The West Was Checkmated Part I The opening repertoire beyond Conditions in the Soviet Union Reagan and Gorbachev The Failure of the Peace Dividend Zbigniew Brzeziskis Grand Chess Board The Neoconservatives The Philosophy Military Strategy The Wolfowitz Doctrine A Clean Break Robert Kagan and Victoria Nuland Responsibility to Protect Origins of R2P Libya An Abuse of R2P NATO: From Cold War to Global War NATO in the 1990s 1996 The Turning Point NATO in the ...

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Mary Roach

ISBN: 9780393245448
Year of publication: 2016

Mary Roach GRUNT THE CURIOUS SCIENCE OF HUMANS AT WAR In memory of William S. Rachles By Way of Introduction THE CHICKEN GUN HAS a sixty-foot barrel, putting it solidly in the class of an artillery piece. While a four-pound chicken hurtling in excess of 400 miles per hour is a lethal projectile, the intent is not to kill. On the contrary, the chicken gun was designed to keep people alive. The carcasses are fired at jets, standing empty or occupied by simulated crew, to test their ability to ...

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Robert Forrest-Webb

ISBN: 9780708821503
Year of publication: 1982

Bob Forrest-Webb CHIEFTAINS AUTHORS NOTE British army signal communications are both complex and classified To assist the reader, and maintain security, these have been modified throughout the book but still represent the methods and procedures used, with acceptable inaccuracy. Technical data concerning weapons, vehicles and equipment is based on information at present available from military sources, and speculation on possible but as yet undeveloped weapons has been avoided. I have honoured ...

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