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Ethnic Apocalypse

Ethnic Apocalypse

Guillaume Faye

ISBN: 9781912975341
Year of publication: 2019

Guillaume Faye ETHNIC APOCALYPSE THE COMING EUROPEAN CIVIL WAR From the worst, the best may yet arise Dedicated to Savannah, Jared Taylor and Sam Dickson Arktos London 2019 Preface by Jared Taylor Because I speak French, it has been my great good fortune to become acquainted with some of the major figures in the French nationalist movement. I have the deepest respect for these men and women who are fighting for their people, but the Frenchman who most deeply impressed me from the very first ...

Keywords: Multiculturalism Nationalism racial civil war right-wing terror


Fenek ère

ISBN: 9781940933290
Year of publication: 2017

Fenek Solre RISING To EM for the good times and the bad, for they were always memorable 1. Seatbelts, please, announced the pilot as BA879N smashed through a plate glass sky. Well be landing at Pulkovo in five minutes. Professor Tom Hunter felt a rush of anticipation as the plane glided over the Gulf of Finland, cutting across Krasnoe Selo, bearing down on a city that Hitler once decided to level, make uninhabitable, and relieve us of the necessity of having to feed the population through the ...

Keywords: apocalypse China globalism Islamization Nationalism revolution Russia