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The Gender Creative Child

The Gender Creative Child

Diane Ehrensaft
Norman Spack

ISBN: 9781615193073
Year of publication: 2016

Diane Ehrensaft, PhD THE GENDER CREATIVE CHILD PATHWAYS FOR NURTURING AND SUPPORTING CHILDREN WHO LIVE OUTSIDE GENDER BOXES To my beloved parents, Edith Ehrensaft and Morris Ehrensaft, ninety-six and ninety-eight years old, and still going strong Foreword by Norman Spack, MD In 1985, WHEN I ran an adolescent medicine practice, a colleague asked me to provide testosterone treatment for a recent college graduate, my first transgender patient. Although the patient had been born anatomically female ...

Keywords: Bisexual Child Psychology Demographics Gay Gender Studies Lesbian LGBT Studies Medical Books Parenting Pederasty Politics and Social Sciences Psychology and Counseling Transgender
For a Lost Soldier

For a Lost Soldier

Rudi van Dantzig

ISBN: 0854492372
Year of publication: 1999

Rudi van Dantzig FOR A LOST SOLDIER Translated from the Dutch by Arnold J. Pomerans For Berendina Hermina, my mother, and my Frisian foster family, with thanks. Then they fold their hands in prayer, before their simple repast. And from side to side of the table an invisible cross is cast. Ida G. M. Gerhardt HUNGER WINTER Chapter 1 The alarm clock goes off at five oclock in the morning. I stumble out of my little room. A rectangular shape is waiting relentlessly in the semi-darkness of the ...

Keywords: gay MM romance pederasty WWII
Bad Case of Loving You

Bad Case of Loving You

Laney Cairo

ISBN: 9781934166680
Year of publication: 2008

BAD CASE OF LOVING YOU by Laney Cairo Prologue Hey, Mattie someone shouted across the crowded bar. I waved a hand at the group of familiar faces, but kept on pushing my way through the crowd. It was a good night the bar was packed and loud, music booming down the far end, lights strobing in time with the music, but I wasnt there to dance, either. This was my last night of freedom before classes started again, my last chance before the final semester of my medical degree to get really, thoroughly ...

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Marie Sexton

ISBN: 9781615813780
Year of publication: 2010

Marie Sexton PROMISES Many thanks to My husband Sean, for his unwavering love and support, even when I was completely obsessive and monopolized the computer. Carol Ibanez, whose guidance helped me turn a novella into a novel. Amy Caroline, my greatest cheerleader and sounding board, for reading every version of this story, every deleted scene, and every half-baked idea that drifted through my head. This book is for the three of you, without whom it would never have existed. CHAPTER 1 THE whole ...

Keywords: gay homosexual pederasty