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Black Square

Black Square

Sophie Pinkham

ISBN: 9780393247978
Year of publication: 2016

Sophie Pinkham BLACK SQUARE ADVENTURES IN POST-SOVIET UKRAINE For my friends in Ukraine and Russia, with love and gratitude. MAPS PREFACE I was seven years old when the Berlin Wall fell. Watching the news with my parents in New York, I wondered how a simple concrete barrier could be so important. Why hadnt people just climbed over it Newscasters discussed the Iron Curtain, which sounded scary, but also confusing. Didnt curtains, by definition, ripple and fold I was sixteen when NATO bombed ...

Keywords: 21st Century Europe Geopolitics Russia Social History Travel
What Soldiers Do

What Soldiers Do

Mary Louise Roberts

ISBN: 9780226923093
Year of publication: 2013

Mary Louise Roberts WHAT SOLDIERS DO Sex and the American GI in World War II France Dedicated in loving memory to my parents EMMIE ROBERTS AND JAMES H. ROBERTS Map of Normandy and Brittany Acknowledgments It gives me great pleasure to thank the many sources of funding I received to research and write this book. I am grateful to the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation for making possible a research leave during the academic year 20078. The Institute for Research in the Humanities at the ...

Keywords: Counseling Europe France Gender Studies Medical Books Military Politics Psychology Sexuality Social History Social Sciences United States World War II
The Fault Line

The Fault Line

Paolo Rumiz

ISBN: 9780847845453
Year of publication: 2015

Paolo Rumiz THE FAULT LINE TRAVELING THE OTHER EUROPE, FROM FINLAND TO UKRAINE MAP Preface You always go back to the scene of the crime. I suppose thats why on a rainy day in January 2014, I set out again for the land of rivers, lakes, and forests that I had traveled through six years earlier on my unforgettable vertical journey along the eastern border of the European Union. To blame for my return was the First World War. One hundred years had passed since it began, and I had realized in ...

Keywords: Belarus Ethnic and National Europe Historical Study and Educational Resources Scandinavia Social History Travel Travelers and Explorers Ukrainel