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Mary Roach

ISBN: 9780393245448
Year of publication: 2016

Mary Roach GRUNT THE CURIOUS SCIENCE OF HUMANS AT WAR In memory of William S. Rachles By Way of Introduction THE CHICKEN GUN HAS a sixty-foot barrel, putting it solidly in the class of an artillery piece. While a four-pound chicken hurtling in excess of 400 miles per hour is a lethal projectile, the intent is not to kill. On the contrary, the chicken gun was designed to keep people alive. The carcasses are fired at jets, standing empty or occupied by simulated crew, to test their ability to ...

Keywords: Anatomy and Physiology Life Sciences Military Science Research and Methodology Science Technology and Engineering
Elon Musk

Elon Musk

Ashlee Vance

ISBN: 9780062301239
Year of publication: 2015

Ashlee Vance ELON MUSK Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future DEDICATION For Mum and Dad. Thanks for Everything. 1 ELONS WORLD DO YOU THINK IM INSANE This question came from Elon Musk near the very end of a long dinner we shared at a high-end seafood restaurant in Silicon Valley. Id gotten to the restaurant first and settled down with a gin and tonic, knowing Musk wouldas everbe late. After about fifteen minutes, Musk showed up wearing leather shoes, designer jeans, and a plaid ...

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Operation Overflight

Operation Overflight

Curt Gentry
Francis Gary Powers

ISBN: 9781574884227
Year of publication: 2004

Francis Gary Powers with Curt Gentry OPERATION OVERFLIGHT A MEMOIR OF THE U-2 INCIDENT To Sue, who provided the happy ending To the memory of Buster Eugene Edens who died in the crash of a U-2 at Edwards Air Force Base, California April 1965 FOREWORD On May 1, 1960the traditional May Day holidayan American U-2 spyplane flew high above the Soviet Union photographing strategic targets. It was the twenty-fourth U-2 mission over the USSR since the first overflight almost four years earlier. The ...

Keywords: Aviation Europe Military Science Russia and the Former Soviet Union Technology and Engineering
Fast Food Nation

Fast Food Nation

Eric Schlosser

ISBN: 9780141944210
Year of publication: 2002

Eric Schlosser FAST FOOD NATION What the All-American Meal Is Doing to the World for Red A savage servility slides by on grease. ROBERT LOWELL introduction CHEYENNE MOUNTAIN SITS on the eastern slope of Colorados Front Range, rising steeply from the prairie and overlooking the city of Colorado Springs. From a distance, the mountain appears beautiful and serene, dotted with rocky outcroppings, scrub oak, and ponderosa pine. It looks like the backdrop of an old Hollywood western, just another ...

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