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Blood Codex

Blood Codex

David Wood
Alan Baxter

ISBN: 9781534903166
Year of publication: 2016

David Wood, Alan Baxter Blood Codex Prologue Near the City of York Kingdom of Northumbria, England October, 867 CE Leather-armored men with bloodstained hands forced Aella to his knees, raised his arms wide and high, and tied his hands to posts of weathered wood. They used knives to strip away his remaining clothes, and left him shivering and naked, kneeling on the wet grass. Aella lifted his head to stare into the face of Ivar the Boneless as the huge, muscled son of Ragnar Lodbrok approached, ...

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Shipwrecked in Siberia

Shipwrecked in Siberia

Anthony J Melchiorri

ISBN: 9781498924115
Year of publication: 2014

Anthony J. Melchiorri SHIPWRECKED IN SIBERIA Lets go. Belskiys raspy voice cracked through the early morning darkness. Shukshin looked toward the window of the drafty room where Belskiy stood. A shimmer of orange approached the horizon, chasing away the loitering stars. The thick covers, matted and clumped, were still more welcoming than the blankets of snow outside. Yes, Shukshin said, but Ive got to feed Dusha first. Belskiy muttered something incomprehensible about the dog lying next to ...

Keywords: action adventure thriller adventure survival men and dogs men's adventure fiction Russian literature short story about animals short story wilderness