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The Belgae

The Belgae

S J A Turney

Year of publication: 2011

S. J. A. Turney The Belgae PART ONE: THE GATHERING STORM Chapter 1 Roman military installation outside Vesontio Quadriga: a chariot drawn by four horses, such as seen at the great races in the circus of Rome. Foederati: non-Roman states who held treaties with Rome and gained some rights under Roman law. Where the hell have you been Gnaeus Vinicius Priscus gestured angrily with his vine staff from his position on top of a supply wagon as he ground his teeth irritably. Fronto looked up at his ...

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Solid Citizens

Solid Citizens

David Wishart

ISBN: 9781780290546
Year of publication: 2013

David Wishart Solid Citizens ONE I like the Winter Festival. Oh yeah, sure, it can be a complete pain in the rectum, and its really a time for the bought help. Still, there isnt much to beat the simple pleasure of coming downstairs on that first Winter Festival morning, particularly if its cold and crisp and early, and seeing them all lined up waiting for their candles and dolls and little packets of holiday money, their innocent faces bright with the prospect of a whole five days skiving off ...

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