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Communism with the Mask Off and Bolshevism in Theory and Practice

Communism with the Mask Off and Bolshevism in Theory and Practice

Joseph Goebbels

ISBN: 1494233541
Year of publication: 2013

Dr. Joseph Goebbels COMMUNISM WITH THE MASK OFF and BOLSHEVISM IN THEORY AND PRACTICE PART I: COMMUNISM WITH THE MASK OFF By DR. JOSEPH GOEBBELS SPEECH DELIVERED IN NRNBERG ON SEPTEMBER 13, 1935, AT THE SEVENTH NATIONAL SOCIALIST PARTY CONGRESS There is no longer any political question at issue here. This thing cannot be judged or estimated by political rules or principles. It is Iniquity under a political mask. It is not something to be brought before the bar of world history but rather ...

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Screen Guide for Americans

Screen Guide for Americans

Ayn Rand

Year of publication: 1947

Ayn Rand SCREEN GUIDE FOR AMERICANS The influence of Communists in Hollywood is due, not to their own power, but to the unthinking carelessness of those who profess to oppose them. Red propaganda has been put over in some films produced by innocent men, often by loyal Americans who deplore the spread of Communism throughout the world and wonder why it is spreading. If you wish to protect your pictures from being used for Communistic purposes, the first thing to do is to drop the delusion that ...

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