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The Lady Chapel

The Lady Chapel

Candace Robb

ISBN: 9780749318840
Year of publication: 1994

Candace Robb The Lady Chapel 1 The Last Judgement Corpus Christi Day dawned mild and sunny, answering the prayers of the guildsmen of York, and of all who looked forward to the Corpus Christi pageants. Many saw the dawn, for the plays began with the blessing of the players on the porch of Holy Trinity Church, Micklegate, before dawn, followed immediately by the first performance of the day as the sun rose. Twelve stations had been marked the evening before by banners displaying the arms of the ...

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The drowning pool

The drowning pool

Ross Macdonald

Year of publication: 0

Ross Macdonald The Drowning Pool To Toni Chapter 1 If you didnt look at her face she was less than thirty, quick-bodied and slim as a girl. Her clothing drew attention to the fact: a tailored sharkskin suit and high heels that tensed her nylon-shadowed calves. But there was a pull of worry around her eyes and drawing at her mouth. The eyes were deep blue, with a sort of double vision. They saw you clearly, took you in completely, and at the same time looked beyond you. They had years to look ...

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