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Sleepwalking with the Bomb

Sleepwalking with the Bomb

John C Wohlstetter

ISBN: 9781936599066
Year of publication: 2012

John C. Wohlstetter SLEEPWALKING WITH THE BOMB To family, friends, and others who educated me in coping with lifes challenges, including the challenge of thinking about how best to avoid man-made catastrophesof which nuclear conflict is most fearsome and destructive of all. FOREWORD Richard Perle WHEN RICHARD NIXON RETURNED FROM MOSCOW IN 1972 HE brought with him the apparent triumph of a comprehensive agreement with Leonid Brezhnev that would end a nuclear weapons arms race and usher in a new ...

Keywords: arms control Europe international relations nuclear warfare Russia and the former Soviet Union
The Age of Deception

The Age of Deception

Mohamed ElBaradei

ISBN: 9781408815977
Year of publication: 2011

Mohamed ElBaradei THE AGE OF DECEPTION NUCLEAR DIPLOMACY IN TREACHEROUS TIMES To Maya, my three-year-old granddaughter, in the hope that we will leave her a better world INTRODUCTION Help us help you. The man on the other side of the table smiled, but it was not happiness that I read in his expression. His eyes softened, and the corners of his mouth drooped. Was it sadness Fatigue I wasnt sure. It was February 9, 2003. It had been more than a dozen years since the UN Security Council had first ...

Keywords: arms control nuclear warfare